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Client Testimonials

I started working with Coach Hall my junior year of high school. I had constant arm pain and was topping out at 86 MPH. As a result, I am pain free, was on the mound when my team won the state championship my junior year and I received a scholarship to the University of Arkansas where I just hit 96.7 this fall!- J. Smith



Hey Coach, Just wanted you to know I’ve thrown 12 1/3 innings this year so far and only one walk and 5 hits. My velocity has been up on all 3 pitches. I threw a complete game 2 hit shut out today against one of the best teams in the state. Just wanted to  thank you for helping me develop and get better.  – C Armstrong


Devin threw his first no hitter this weekend for Hoover High School against Sparkman HS. He struck out 12 of the 15 batters he faced. His curve and cutter were nasty. Game was ended after 5 innings as we were ahead 10-0. PROUD DAD! – C Cole


Awesome first day Brad! Base hit every time and up no runs in his 3 innings pitched. Everyone asking who he works with – P McKinney


Brad - GH pitched against a very good Trussville team last night shutting them out allowing 2 hits and striking out 16 batters in 7 innings of work. – G Hurst


When my son Braden first began working with Brad, he was ranked # 135 overall and #45 among pitchers nationally. By the end of the summer, he was # 29 overall and # 2 among pitchers. Also, his strikeout to walk ratio of 2:1 has increased to 16:1. With his help, Braden has since committed to the University of South Carolina going into his junior year of high school. – G. Webb

“Brad has helped Max, my 9 year old son tremendously with correcting arm motion concerns that could have lead to future injury.  He had an impressive 1st season, recording 84 strikeouts in 31 innings. He is always looking forward to the next workout.” – S Yeager

Colton started seeing Brad for hitting and pitching shortly after his junior year of high school. His fastball was 82 MPH and topping out at 86 MPH. After a few months with Brad, Colton was topping out at 94 MPH! He was offered several options in the top 5 rounds of the MLB draft both as a pitcher and outfielder, but elected to sign with his dream school, the University of Alabama. – A Freeman

“I want to send a huge thank you to Brad Hall and the team at Geaux Play. A huge part of my success both offensively and defensively at the 2010 Power Showcase is attributed to the hard work and preparation him and his team invested in me in the months leading up to the showcase. I could not have done it without their help. Thank you for everything.” – D Devonshire,  2011 New Zealand participant in the Power Showcase and 2012 draft pick of the Toronto Blue Jays

We were introduced to Brad in the fall, just before  tryouts for freshman baseball. Ryan was struggling with elbow pain after playing competitive baseball since he was 4 years old.  After just a few throws in our first session, Brad noticed a small flaw in Ryan’s mechanics that contributed to the stress he was putting on his elbow.  We clocked his fastball that night at 68 MPH.   Brad immediately made changes to not only stop the pain, but  increase his velocity. Unfortunately, we did not make the Freshman team that year. Ryan continued to work with Brad throughout the year. At tryouts for his JV season, Ryan had added 13 MPH to his fastball and hit 82 MPH, exactly one year after he had thrown 68. This time, Ryan made the squad. Brad’s understanding of the proper mechanics, and his use of video for instant feedback to his students, separates him from all the teachers we have seen in the past.  I can honestly say that no coach or instructor has had a greater impact on my son and his development than Brad.  Plus, he really cares. The kids can tell.  Great coaches are hard to find, and we are lucky to have found the best. – B Sargent



Having the opportunity to work with Brad Hall has been a game changer, I remember the first session my son ever had with him. He watched him throw, approximately 5 to 6 pitches, and he asked "what was his current velocity" and I said 85. Brad quickly replied he should be throwing 88 or better. Shortly, after that within a month or two, with continuously working with Brad. My son toped out at 90mph. Very knowledgeable; no doubt this guy knows his baseball. - C Bryant, Sr.




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