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Targeted Baseball instruction backed by experience that will give you the tools you need to increase performance effectively and safely with enthusiasm of the sport at the center of focus
Brad Hall
Founder and President


Worked with over 40 minor leaguers

                     10 major leaguers

                     4 first round draft picks

Had 30+ high school pitchers reach 90 MPH +


9 years experience as a minor league coach

2 years experience as a college coach

3 years experience as a national team coach

2 years as minor and major league coach- Taiwan

3 years as USA baseball development coach


Consultant for ASMI , biomechanical lab for Dr. James Andrews which conducts biomechanical and clinical research to treat and prevent injuries related to pitching. 


Has appeared on numerous radio shows including ESPN radio. 

Presenter at ASMI Injuries in Baseball Conference


CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

Former AAA Strength and Conditioning Coach for Washington Nationals


Currently have clients in Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kansas, California, Illinois, Arkansas and Florida. 


I conduct  video evaluations that pinpoint any red flags that could potentially  put you at risk for injury along with things to increase performance such as velocity and control. 



Colton started seeing Brad for hitting and pitching shortly after his junior year of high school. His fastball was 82 MPH and topping out at 86 MPH. After a few months with Brad, Colton was topping out at 94 MPH! He was offered several options in the top 5 rounds of the MLB draft both as a pitcher and outfielder, but elected to sign with his dream school, the University of Alabama. 

– Aaron Freeman

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